Pump it up: How Matcha helps your HIIT workout

Everyone loves seeing exercise pay off. Nothing beats feeling great, looking amazing, and that awesome sense of pushing yourself as hard as you can. If you’re not yet familiar with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), it’s one of the fastest ways to burn calories and develop your muscles in record time. Here’s a little peek at what the HIIT hype’s all about and how Pre-Tea’s Matcha HIIT is perfect for unlocking the energy you need to do HIIT at your very best.

What is HIIT?

In short, HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It’s a super-charged workout in which you break up your exercise into intense, short bursts and intersperse these with brief recovery periods. HIIT works great with a whole range of different exercises, from sprinting or weight lifting to biking or swimming. Most of the time, HIIT is even a super way to get in your daily dose of exercise at home, right in your living room.

Benefits of HIIT

What happens when you HIIT? If you’re already into interval training, HIIT simply takes this to the next level. Rather than just aiming for a faster heart rate during your ‘go’ intervals, HIIT means pushing yourself as hard as you can go. Going at maximum (and we mean maximum!) intensity for short periods, then resting in between means you’re switching between your body’s anaerobic and aerobic systems. Training, testing, and building your lean muscles while burning fat at a turbo-charged rate this way helps:

  • Enhance your cardiovascular abilities;
  • Boost your metabolism;
  • Push your limits further for better long-term results; and
  • Work up a real sweat!
  • Mix into other PreTea blends in our non slip infuser flasks.

How Matcha HIIT can help…

As well as being highly rewarding, HIIT is extremely intense. Driving your body to use its anaerobic exercise system puts some strain on your muscles, and can lead to oxidative stress and muscle breakdown. Which is where matcha green tea comes in. It’s naturally full of EGCG, an antioxidant that reduces this muscle damage while speeding up your body’s fat-burning mechanisms.

Mixed in with your regular Pre-Workout green tea, matcha gives that extra energy hit (or HIIT!) to help you crush those intense intervals. The caffeine from matcha leaves also works with amino acid L-Theanine to keep your energy levels sustained and help avoid unwanted crashes. So you can enjoy longer-lasting natural energy as well as heightened focus and concentration for your whole workout. No excuses, just results!

Pre-Tea Matcha HIIT

Whether you want to beat your personal best, burn fat quicker, or train for longer performance, Pre-Tea’s Match HIIT is made for, well, HIIT! Available in long-lasting, tough little 50g tins, simple to throw in your sports bag any time. Made from ‘AAAAA’ super-grade matcha, they’re green tea leaves that have been ground down into a beautiful bright green powder. And just as easy to mix with boiling water or add to your favourite Pre-Tea Sencha flavor for that extra matcha HIIT!

Real food for speedy post workout recovery

Wondering what to eat after a workout to maximise your recovery? Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) have long been known for their muscle growth and performance benefits. They’re incredibly popular as supplements for those looking to get the most out of their workouts, thanks to their ability to help us recover after intense exercise.

If you’ve been thinking about jumping on board the BCAA supplement bandwagon, you’re not alone. What most of us don’t realise though, is that it’s often super-easy to tap into the natural benefits of BCAA simply by making good food choices. What else didn’t we know?

1. Your diet gives you enough BCAAs

Most of us are enjoying enough of BCAAs’ advantages already—from our natural, everyday diets. If you’re normally one to include healthy proteins in your meals, chances are you’re already eating ingredients that offer between 15 and 25% BCAAs. A small can of tuna, for instance, will usually provide at least 5 grams of BCAAs, helping you reach the ideal amount for post workout recovery.

2. Complete proteins are an amazing source of BCAAs

If you regularly eat complete proteins, you’re in an even better position! The brilliant thing about complete proteins is that they contain each and every of the nine amino acids that are essential to our diets. That means BCAAs are right in there already, helping you rebuild those muscles and replenish those stores for your next intense exercise session.

3. Natural foods = real proteins = real, natural tastiness

Another great thing about getting your BCAAs from natural sources is that you just can’t beat the taste of real food! Complete proteins from whole foods, like eggs and fish, are often heaps more economical than supplements. They leave you feeling much fuller, for much longer—one of the reasons complete proteins help promote weight loss and give…a feeling of contentment! BCAA supplements may not break the bank on their own, but they definitely don’t leave you feeling full and satisfied the way a good steak does!

Post workout meals for muscle growth and recovery

As noted, BCAAs are easy to get from your everyday diet. In fact, they’re in a whole bunch of popular high-protein foods that most of us are eating already, including:

  • Turkey and chicken – every fitness fan is familiar with turkey’s pros as a lean protein source. It’s especially packed with leucine, one of the three BCAAs often found in supplement form. Eat them together as a six-ounce serving (a wrap sounds good!), and you’re getting the optimal 2 to 4 gram amount for maximum muscle development.
  • Wild Salmon – salmon’s not only a powerhouse of muscle-building BCAAs, but also gives you DHA and EPA. These fatty acids can work wonders for healthy skin and hair, while helping you recover from post-exercise muscle stress.
  • Cashew nuts – 100% vegan cashews are commonly the star of gluten-free, protein-rich recipes, like Pre-Tea’s cheeky Protein, Chocolate & Cookie Dough bars. More good news…they’re rich in leucine, too!
  • Eggs, egg whites, and dairy products – also naturally high in leucine, these are greatr additions to any diet, as they work brilliantly alongside other proteins. Take your pick from the list above, or try them with these heavenly banana pancakes and Pre-Tea! Dairy like yoghurt is also a strong choice if you’re after some of the digestive benefits of natural probiotics.

Stay Strong, Stay Festive!

There’s only one thing worse than getting socks for Christmas, and that’s undoing all of your hard work at the gym in a whirlwind of mince pies, pavlova and brandy butter. with PreTea you can get the best of both…

New Year’s a time for reflection, and for new beginnings. Its almost time to think about what you’d like to achieve in 2019. Maybe you’re going to beat your personal best, or maybe it’s a new sport you want to take up. A healthier, more natural lifestyle, perhaps? Whatever it is, there’s never been a better chance to get focused than the start of the holiday season—why leave it till January?

Mindfulness and focus help you perform at your best. Whether you need something to warm you up before a frosty morning workout or a natural boost for those countless office parties, Pre-Tea’s the perfect way to get yourself ready.

Set realistic goals over the festive period, allow time to socialise. You don’t need to go 100%, try cutting your workouts down by half, and you’ll still feel great that you made the effort.

Gifts that count

Have you  been busy Christmas shopping? We’ve restocked our current range so you can buy someone special a unique Christmas gift. Our products are not only ridiculously lighter than home gym equipment but beat your traditional gifts hands down in so many ways…

  • We all love our grans, but that woolly jumper doesn’t work great at the gym. Your pre-workout Sencha warms you up from the inside, tastes heavenly, and gets you ready to rumble!
  • Thinking of getting someone fitness gear? You won’t need their shoe size if you choose an Explosive Workout Kit! Doesn’t matter if they rock climb or cross-train—sustained, natural energy is the gift that keeps giving. For ages!
  • Ordering something from the internet? Why worry about it getting there on time? We’re as ready as Rudolph to get your gifts out right now! We’ve even added the option for you to get your loved ones’ Explosive Workout Kits wrapped before you (or they) receive it.

This year, we’ve been so honoured by all your support. It’s really been beyond exciting to see how all of you are loving Pre-Tea for sustained energy, mindful pre-workout focus, and fitness. So once more, thank you for getting us so far so quickly on our journey to stay strong and stay natural. Enjoy your 15% winter discount.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Protein, Chocolate & Cookie Dough Awesomeness

Well done, Pre Tea Samurais…it’s been a long week, but the weekend’s here at last!

We reckon you’ve all earned yourselves a cheeky little treat. And to be honest, we’ve been waiting to bust out this sweet as, 6-ingredient protein-packed delight of a recipe for days. Consider it a little somethin’ to go down smooth as hell with a hot flask of satisfying pre-workout Sencha. Plus, melty chocolate is just so…phenomenal.

Makes 4 small pre-workout snacks:

1. Cashew nuts (¾ cup | 90 grams)
2. Flaxseeds (1 generous tablespoon | 18 grams)
3. 100% Natural Honey (3 tablespoons)
4. Hemp seeds (½ cup | 80 grams)
5. Chocolate chips (½ cup | 90 grams)
6. Vanilla essence (½ teaspoon – it’s the same thing as vanilla extract)


  • Use a blender to whizz the hemp seeds, flaxseeds, and cashew. You’re after a healthy powder that looks like flour, but natural!
  • Put this mix into a medium bowl along with your honey and vanilla essence, and you should have a (healthy!) cookie dough.
  • Bang in about a third of your chocolate chips (30 grams) and swirl the whole thing around. We know, ‘swirl’ is probably not right for a mixture this thick, but we know you’re strong enough!

Now you’re ready to press the mixture flat into a smallish tray. Put it in the fridge to chill for a couple of hours. More is fine, feel free to brew up a Pre Tea ;)!

  • Melt your remaining 60 grams of chocolate chips. Microwave is fine, but stir them!
  • Pour the chocolate over your chilled bars and put them back in the fridge.

After four hours, these beauties are ready to cut and enjoy with your heavenly Pre Tea. If you choose to make 4 bars, each will have a whopping 12 grams of all-natural protein. Yay!!!

Did you notice it’s also flourless? Unfortunately, ours didn’t actually make it as far enough to take a photo, and we were sticky-fingered yet satisfied before realising this. If you’ve got a photo, we’d love to see it alongside your favourite cup of Pre Tea.

Get brewing Ninjas, and keep checking in for the latest on our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We need YOUR help to make our two new amazing flavours a reality, so watch this space!

How To Make Your Pre-Workout Tea

Just received your brilliant, spanking new Explosive Workout Kit? Ripped open the box and ready to get started? We’re here to help you kick off your Pre Tea journey with our easy as pie instructions—with a few simple steps you’ll be ready to tear it up at the gym.

But first, how mind-blowingly zen does it smell? Pure verdant freshness, a masterpiece of tart grandeur flecked with roughish tints of turmeric and cherry. Utterly remarkable, hey?

1. Take the filter out of your Pre Tea Infuser – your premium loose-leaf pre-workout green tea goes inside the flask. This keeps it brewing as the water you pour in flows freely around. Plus, while we’ve gone above and beyond to pick out the highest-quality Sencha, you don’t want to be gulping down leaves during your workout!

One teaspoon is a good amount, although you might find you like it stronger or weaker. If you’re using a smaller cup or a teapot at home, you may want to try out different amounts and discover what suits you best.

2. Sweeten with honey. If you (or whoever you’ve blessed with Pre Tea!) just opened one of our special package offers, it’s frigging excellent with honey. Half to a full teaspoon of your 100% raw honey is a good amount to drizzle directly into the flask.

3. Splash in some cold water – because your stainless steel Pre Tea infuser is so damn cleverly designed, it keeps your pre-workout tea hot as hell for 12 hours straight. Which is fantastic—except when you want to drink it soonish. Got a crazy-tough workout coming up? You can make your Pre Tea the night before and pour it chilled into your infuser, where it will stay cold for 24 hours. Not that you won’t be downing it in seconds…

4. Boiling water goes in. Just like making regular tea, except green tea isn’t so flash with milk. Pop the filter back in and it acts like a strainer, keeping the leaves out your mouth while you sip.

5. Infuse – Close the lid, and sit back or get on with whatever else you were doing. Your tea takes around 4 minutes to reach maximum deliciousness. In a hurry? You can tip your bottle upside down for faster infusion.

6. ENJOY! For the most effective workout, enjoy your Pre Tea 20 minutes before you start. It’s the best way to get your metabolism kick-started for maximum results. Or, just keep that metabolism going on and on by sipping it all day long.

Questions? Suggestions? We love hearing from you more than anything. Share pictures and stories from your Pre Tea journey with us on Facebook or Instagram!

Benefits of Green Tea

Pre-Tea’s not a supplement, but we’ve definitely done our research into how green tea can boost your fitness performance. In fact, it’s the whole reason (as if we haven’t mentioned it before) we first got our taste testers together to find the most delectable blends possible. And, we’re still going strong – we’ve got a new flavour or two almost ready and itching to meet you!

If you’ve been wondering (maybe while the kettle boils) just how your sensational Sencha blend ticks all the boxes, here are the answers.

All the fitness science, and none of the lab coats!

It Helps You Work Out Longer…
Sugar-stuffed, preservative-packed energy drinks aren’t evil – they just can’t match the sustained, consistent, reliable energy release of natural green tea.

Stamina’s critical if you’re going to take your workout to the next level, right? Whether you’re pumping iron, TRX-ing like a Navy Seal, or training for a marathon, it’s reassuring to know you won’t lose steam halfway through. At Pre-Tea, we’re not about energy rollercoasters or short-lived artificial bursts of energy. We only want you to grab your next workout, crush it like King Kong, and feel amazing the whole time.

…Partly Thanks To Increased Metabolism
Your Sencha, Tart Cherry & Turmeric Explosive Workout blend, like other green teas, helps increase your fitness performance by kicking fatty acids into gear. In other words, it makes your body fat work for you, fuelling your workouts through a flipping awesome metabolic boost.

It Enhances Your Cell Function
Green tea’s stuffed full of catechins – polyphenols and EGCG, to be exact. Catechins act as antioxidants: clearing up free radicals, helping throughout all cell cycle stages, and generally fighting off diseases. In a few words, green tea helps your body function much better at the cellular level.

Also a good thing, clearly!

…And Helps You With Cardiovascular Awesomeness
Those tiny antioxidants do a hell of a lot, to be honest. When you’re hard at work pushing your limits, they’re also doing ninja stuff to the LDL cholesterol in your body. Scientifically speaking, antioxidants help protect against oxidation of LDL cells (hence the name!), which defends you from heart disease.

Basically, it helps you stay strong. Naturally!

Plus, L-theanine makes you happy!
L-theanine works together with the natural caffeine in your pre-workout blend to activate your body’s natural anti-anxiety response. Not only does it help release dopamine and sweet (chilled out) alpha brain waves, but when it rolls with caffeine, L-theanine helps boost mental functions.

Another reason your Pre-Tea’s got your back before sports events.

Are you bubbling with benefits like we are? Then share your #PreTea Pics with us on Instagram!

Banana pancakes recipe: the perfect pre-workout snack with Pre-Tea!

Everyone loves weekends, and nothing beats feeling fuelled and ready to workout! We’ve been thinking about the many ways we can kick-start your weekend fitness with our pre-workout Sencha blend, and it all came back every single time to our favourite banana pancakes.
Every gym junkie knows bananas are chock full of amazing fitness benefits, from magnesium and potassium to Vitamins A and C. Nothing packs a protein punch like these delectable banana pancakes – and we make them using only two ingredients!

Here are some reasons why we reckon Pre-Tea and banana pancakes go together like a house on fire:

  • Vitamins A & C in bananas plus all the amazing antioxidants in your Pre-Tea Sencha are a stellar way to kick off your day
  • Smooth banana sweetness washed down with the kick of cheeky cherry in refreshing, crisp Sencha – in short, they taste frigging amazing together. Like clean, heavenly goodness with a protein power-up that will keep you going all workout long!
  • Like Pre-Tea, these pancakes are simplicity itself. No dodgy additives, added sugar, or anything that will pick you up and drop you down again. Just pure, natural power for your day.

1 Ripe Banana + 2 Eggs = Bad-Ass Banana Pancakes

  1. Peel and smash the banana in a bowl with a fork. They don’t need to be overly mushy, a little lumpy is just fine.
  2. Whisk your eggs and stir them in with the banana!
  3. Heat your non-stick spray, coconut oil, or butter in the pan at a medium heat. You just want to keep the batter from sticking, so no need to go nuts.
  4. Use about 2 tablespoons of batter for a 3-4 inch pancake.
  5. Using a spatula, gently slide it under half the pancake and flip softly while the middle’s still a little soft (but not too soft – it shouldn’t look like it’s definitely going to splatter everywhere!)
  6. When your pancakes are a beautiful golden-brown on both sides, they’re ready to go. If one side’s a little underdone, you can keep flipping till you’re satisfied.
  7. That’s it! Enjoy your pancakes with chilled or piping hot Pre-Tea Green Tea, Tart Cherry & Turmeric for a killer, all-natural, pre-workout energy boost.

Top tips:

  • The riper your bananas the sweeter they’ll be. And, the easier to smash in your bowl. Even almost-black-as-night bananas work well, which is why we love this recipe for getting rid of fruit that’s been around a little while.
  • A pinch of cinnamon can take these to a whole new level, and a pinch of baking powder can make them fluffier (and fluffy can be great).
  • Chuck in some crushed nuts, blueberries, or even chocolate chips if you’re up for it, and sprinkle them over your pancakes when they’ve been on the pan for about a minute…for a little extra somethin’

3 Reasons We Love Eating Natural

Now that our frankly awesome new Pre-Tea Explosive workout kit is officially rocking workouts everywhere, we’re so psyched that you love it! So, what we’d like you to tell us now, is whether you’re as pumped as we are about eating natural.

Eating natural the Pre-Tea way

Cutting down on chemicals doesn’t have to mean bizarre cleanses and yoga retreats. We want our Pre-Tea patrons to get as passionate as we are about just knowing what’s in your food. We don’t feel that’s too much to ask, do you?


Pop into any supermarket today and you’ll find bazillions of shelves stacked to the ceiling with energy drinks. And okay, we get it, everyone wants to smash their workouts. We all want that extra boost so we can bring it harder, better, faster, and (you guessed it) stronger. But we don’t get why we (supposedly) need massively processed ingredients to do it. At Pre-Tea, we’re all about eating natural. We want to turbocharge your energy for the long term, not pick you up and drop you back down again. And, we want you to tell us you feel the same!


Here are three reasons we think eating natural is the bee’s knees.

1. Sustained energy release

Pretty much, we want to crush it like Samurais when we’re training. It’s less than stellar when your energy drops halfway through an amazing workout. Try as we might, we couldn’t find any evidence of Samurais chugging synthetic energy drinks before heading out to do their thing. We’re pretty damn sure they were fuelled by Sencha, Matcha, and other types green tea. To put it simply:

100% natural caffeine + green tea goodness = a naturally awesome pre-workout tea.

2. Antioxidants that come straight from nature

Green tea is bursting with phytonutrients, polyphenols, catechins, minerals, and just a lot of frigging good stuff. Unpronounceable some may be – but hell, they make for a lethal workout. Green tea is hands-down the healthiest drink on the planet. Plus, it grows on trees (well, bushes), and just how much more natural can you get?

3. You know what you’re getting

Most importantly, you know where you are with natural ingredients. And at Pre-Tea only ever use natural ingredients in our products. That covers everything from our pre-workout Green Tea, Tart Cherry & Turmeric to our sweet, sweet 100% raw, locally-sourced honey.

At Pre-Tea we love our clients. We want you to burst open those punching bags. We want you to be part of our exciting new Pre-Tea adventure. And most of all, we want to hear from you, so drop us a comment and tell us what you think!