Benefits of Green Tea

Pre-Tea’s not a supplement, but we’ve definitely done our research into how green tea can boost your fitness performance. In fact, it’s the whole reason (as if we haven’t mentioned it before) we first got our taste testers together to find the most delectable blends possible. And, we’re still going strong – we’ve got a new flavour or two almost ready and itching to meet you!

If you’ve been wondering (maybe while the kettle boils) just how your sensational Sencha blend ticks all the boxes, here are the answers.

All the fitness science, and none of the lab coats!

It Helps You Work Out Longer…
Sugar-stuffed, preservative-packed energy drinks aren’t evil – they just can’t match the sustained, consistent, reliable energy release of natural green tea.

Stamina’s critical if you’re going to take your workout to the next level, right? Whether you’re pumping iron, TRX-ing like a Navy Seal, or training for a marathon, it’s reassuring to know you won’t lose steam halfway through. At Pre-Tea, we’re not about energy rollercoasters or short-lived artificial bursts of energy. We only want you to grab your next workout, crush it like King Kong, and feel amazing the whole time.

…Partly Thanks To Increased Metabolism
Your Sencha, Tart Cherry & Turmeric Explosive Workout blend, like other green teas, helps increase your fitness performance by kicking fatty acids into gear. In other words, it makes your body fat work for you, fuelling your workouts through a flipping awesome metabolic boost.

It Enhances Your Cell Function
Green tea’s stuffed full of catechins – polyphenols and EGCG, to be exact. Catechins act as antioxidants: clearing up free radicals, helping throughout all cell cycle stages, and generally fighting off diseases. In a few words, green tea helps your body function much better at the cellular level.

Also a good thing, clearly!

…And Helps You With Cardiovascular Awesomeness
Those tiny antioxidants do a hell of a lot, to be honest. When you’re hard at work pushing your limits, they’re also doing ninja stuff to the LDL cholesterol in your body. Scientifically speaking, antioxidants help protect against oxidation of LDL cells (hence the name!), which defends you from heart disease.

Basically, it helps you stay strong. Naturally!

Plus, L-theanine makes you happy!
L-theanine works together with the natural caffeine in your pre-workout blend to activate your body’s natural anti-anxiety response. Not only does it help release dopamine and sweet (chilled out) alpha brain waves, but when it rolls with caffeine, L-theanine helps boost mental functions.

Another reason your Pre-Tea’s got your back before sports events.

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