How To Make Your Pre-Workout Tea

Just received your brilliant, spanking new Explosive Workout Kit? Ripped open the box and ready to get started? We’re here to help you kick off your Pre Tea journey with our easy as pie instructions—with a few simple steps you’ll be ready to tear it up at the gym.

But first, how mind-blowingly zen does it smell? Pure verdant freshness, a masterpiece of tart grandeur flecked with roughish tints of turmeric and cherry. Utterly remarkable, hey?

1. Take the filter out of your Pre Tea Infuser – your premium loose-leaf pre-workout green tea goes inside the flask. This keeps it brewing as the water you pour in flows freely around. Plus, while we’ve gone above and beyond to pick out the highest-quality Sencha, you don’t want to be gulping down leaves during your workout!

One teaspoon is a good amount, although you might find you like it stronger or weaker. If you’re using a smaller cup or a teapot at home, you may want to try out different amounts and discover what suits you best.

2. Sweeten with honey. If you (or whoever you’ve blessed with Pre Tea!) just opened one of our special package offers, it’s frigging excellent with honey. Half to a full teaspoon of your 100% raw honey is a good amount to drizzle directly into the flask.

3. Splash in some cold water – because your stainless steel Pre Tea infuser is so damn cleverly designed, it keeps your pre-workout tea hot as hell for 12 hours straight. Which is fantastic—except when you want to drink it soonish. Got a crazy-tough workout coming up? You can make your Pre Tea the night before and pour it chilled into your infuser, where it will stay cold for 24 hours. Not that you won’t be downing it in seconds…

4. Boiling water goes in. Just like making regular tea, except green tea isn’t so flash with milk. Pop the filter back in and it acts like a strainer, keeping the leaves out your mouth while you sip.

5. Infuse – Close the lid, and sit back or get on with whatever else you were doing. Your tea takes around 4 minutes to reach maximum deliciousness. In a hurry? You can tip your bottle upside down for faster infusion.

6. ENJOY! For the most effective workout, enjoy your Pre Tea 20 minutes before you start. It’s the best way to get your metabolism kick-started for maximum results. Or, just keep that metabolism going on and on by sipping it all day long.

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