Protein, Chocolate & Cookie Dough Awesomeness

Well done, Pre Tea Samurais…it’s been a long week, but the weekend’s here at last!

We reckon you’ve all earned yourselves a cheeky little treat. And to be honest, we’ve been waiting to bust out this sweet as, 6-ingredient protein-packed delight of a recipe for days. Consider it a little somethin’ to go down smooth as hell with a hot flask of satisfying pre-workout Sencha. Plus, melty chocolate is just so…phenomenal.

Makes 4 small pre-workout snacks:

1. Cashew nuts (¾ cup | 90 grams)
2. Flaxseeds (1 generous tablespoon | 18 grams)
3. 100% Natural Honey (3 tablespoons)
4. Hemp seeds (½ cup | 80 grams)
5. Chocolate chips (½ cup | 90 grams)
6. Vanilla essence (½ teaspoon – it’s the same thing as vanilla extract)


  • Use a blender to whizz the hemp seeds, flaxseeds, and cashew. You’re after a healthy powder that looks like flour, but natural!
  • Put this mix into a medium bowl along with your honey and vanilla essence, and you should have a (healthy!) cookie dough.
  • Bang in about a third of your chocolate chips (30 grams) and swirl the whole thing around. We know, ‘swirl’ is probably not right for a mixture this thick, but we know you’re strong enough!

Now you’re ready to press the mixture flat into a smallish tray. Put it in the fridge to chill for a couple of hours. More is fine, feel free to brew up a Pre Tea ;)!

  • Melt your remaining 60 grams of chocolate chips. Microwave is fine, but stir them!
  • Pour the chocolate over your chilled bars and put them back in the fridge.

After four hours, these beauties are ready to cut and enjoy with your heavenly Pre Tea. If you choose to make 4 bars, each will have a whopping 12 grams of all-natural protein. Yay!!!

Did you notice it’s also flourless? Unfortunately, ours didn’t actually make it as far enough to take a photo, and we were sticky-fingered yet satisfied before realising this. If you’ve got a photo, we’d love to see it alongside your favourite cup of Pre Tea.

Get brewing Ninjas, and keep checking in for the latest on our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We need YOUR help to make our two new amazing flavours a reality, so watch this space!

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