Stay Strong, Stay Festive!

There’s only one thing worse than getting socks for Christmas, and that’s undoing all of your hard work at the gym in a whirlwind of mince pies, pavlova and brandy butter. with PreTea you can get the best of both…

New Year’s a time for reflection, and for new beginnings. Its almost time to think about what you’d like to achieve in 2019. Maybe you’re going to beat your personal best, or maybe it’s a new sport you want to take up. A healthier, more natural lifestyle, perhaps? Whatever it is, there’s never been a better chance to get focused than the start of the holiday season—why leave it till January?

Mindfulness and focus help you perform at your best. Whether you need something to warm you up before a frosty morning workout or a natural boost for those countless office parties, Pre-Tea’s the perfect way to get yourself ready.

Set realistic goals over the festive period, allow time to socialise. You don’t need to go 100%, try cutting your workouts down by half, and you’ll still feel great that you made the effort.

Gifts that count

Have you  been busy Christmas shopping? We’ve restocked our current range so you can buy someone special a unique Christmas gift. Our products are not only ridiculously lighter than home gym equipment but beat your traditional gifts hands down in so many ways…

  • We all love our grans, but that woolly jumper doesn’t work great at the gym. Your pre-workout Sencha warms you up from the inside, tastes heavenly, and gets you ready to rumble!
  • Thinking of getting someone fitness gear? You won’t need their shoe size if you choose an Explosive Workout Kit! Doesn’t matter if they rock climb or cross-train—sustained, natural energy is the gift that keeps giving. For ages!
  • Ordering something from the internet? Why worry about it getting there on time? We’re as ready as Rudolph to get your gifts out right now! We’ve even added the option for you to get your loved ones’ Explosive Workout Kits wrapped before you (or they) receive it.

This year, we’ve been so honoured by all your support. It’s really been beyond exciting to see how all of you are loving Pre-Tea for sustained energy, mindful pre-workout focus, and fitness. So once more, thank you for getting us so far so quickly on our journey to stay strong and stay natural. Enjoy your 15% winter discount.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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