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About Us

For any fitness enthusiast looking for their latest workout drink, look no further than PreTea. A great addition to any workout, green tea is all the rage for providing a great workout boost. We’ve all heard of the benefits of drinking green tea, but it normally conjures up images of drinking it to relax and unwind. What many people don’t realise is that green tea,... combined with the right ingredients can give you an amazing energy boost to help you with your workout.
For many years, the most popular workout drinks have been loaded with caffeine to give you an energy boost. However, excessive caffeine can come with nasty side effects, the full extent of which we are only just starting to uncover. These side effects don’t show up immediately, but prolonged use has shown that the cons far outweigh the pros. This is where a product like PreTea comes in.

PreTea only contains natural ingredients that give you an energy boost without any bad side effects. The product is still in its infancy, but watch this space. The first product is a wonderful loose leaf green tea flavoured with real tart cherry and turmeric pieces. All of these ingredients are chosen for their energy boosting properties – the fact that they taste great is an added bonus!

As well as this tea, you can also buy some tasty raw honey to add to your tea, for a bit of sweetness and an added energy boost. The flavours of the tea are smooth, tart and sweet – unlike any workout drink you’ve ever tried before. You will be left wondering why you ever drank anything else, who knew a workout drink could taste this good?

So for those of you on the lookout for a healthy and delicious alternative to the caffeine loaded drinks on the market, check out Pre Tea on the website and Instagram page. Visit the website and pick up some tea for your next workout. The Pre-workout Kit comes with an infuser flask which allows you to make the tea on the go, at the gym, while playing sports – wherever. Take the flask with you to infuse the power of tea wherever you are.