Explosive Workout Kit
Explosive Workout Kit
Explosive Workout Kit
Explosive Workout Kit
Explosive Workout Kit
5 reviews

Explosive Workout Kit

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Product information


1 x Explosive Workout Pre-Tea blend (Seductive Sencha, Turbo-charged turmeric, and Tart Cherry)

1 x 100% Raw Honey 

1 X Pre-Tea infuser flask (Premium hot or cold, stainless-steel, anti-slip). 

Sencha Green Tea, Tart Cherry, Turmeric: This blend is both delicious and set to naturally boost your energy levels with no nasty side effects. 

Natural Energy Boost - Improved performance when taken before/during your workouts or training sessions.  

Antioxidants - The antioxidants contained in green tea varies dramatically depending on the quality, the leaf and the soil the tea is grown in. We only select the highest grade tea in order to maximise the health benefits. 

L-theanine - can benefit your physical and mental health and cognitive along with exercise performance.

Natural Caffeine - our premium quality tea contains natural levels of caffeine in order to give you a sustained energy boost, without over stressing the nervous system.   

Amazing Cherry Flavour - our taste testers couldn't get enough of the tart cherry flavour, even those who didn't normally like green tea were coming back for more. Even more delicious when mixed with raw honey. 100% guilt free goodness. 

100% Raw Honey!
Antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial.
Stabilizes Blood Sugar.
Promotes Digestive Health.
Boosts Immunity.

Raw local golden honey made from the nectar and pollen of a variety of flowers. It has a taste that cannot be confused with “blended” honeys found in most supermarkets. The colour of our raw local honey will vary in tune with the changing seasons and flowers our bees feed on but predominantly will be a rich golden colour.

The variety of flowers the honey bees have fed on to create this raw honey will include: Blackberries, Clover, Primrose, Daffodils, Marigold, Pear, Lavender and a whole range of herbs, to name a few


Based on 5 reviews
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Ben - Warminster
Pre Tea have have seriously out done themselves with the fantastic blend of and flavour of the tea! The quality of the flask is amazing as well!!!
Karen - Scotland
Loved the design of the flask and prompt service received
Lewis H - Stourbridge
Love this product, it has given me amazing energy and the flask is quality leaving my drink warm for hours!
Gary Bremner - Perth
Can feel a massive difference in my workout woth Pre Tea. As some one who is always on the move its great to have a product that can give me a boost towards achieving my goals.
Phil - Preston
The flask keeps the brew HOT for around 12 hours. I make a brew at night before I go to bed. It’s perfect in the morning when I’m on my way to the gym. I used to have a can of energy drink before the gym but this is so much better. I don’t even look at energy drinks now!