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Green Tea, Tart Cherry & Turmeric (100g)

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We’ve yanked all the stops out for this one. Sun-soaked Sencha and healing turmeric get it on to give you one hell of a workout. Tangy cherry sings through, and oh my, does it harmonise with honey.

If you’ve been watching the clock tick to five, you deserve a killer workout. Bursting with antioxidants, quivering with smooth tartness. Zero scary chemicals. Just all natural energy so you can pump it much, much harder.

It’s a bit like a genie in a bottle seal fresh bag. 

Natural Energy Boost - Improved performance before and during your workouts or training sessions.

Antioxidants - Green tea’s natural antioxidants vary dramatically with the quality of the leaf and the soil the tea is grown in. We only select the highest grade tea in order to maximise the health benefits.

L-theanine - Demonstrated physical and cognitive health benefits. For enhanced exercise performance and cognition. Natural Caffeine - Our premium quality tea contains only all-natural caffeine to deliver a sustained energy boost, without over-stressing the nervous system. Amazing Cherry Flavour - Our taste testers couldn't get enough of the tart cherry flavour. Even those who didn't normally like green tea were coming back for more! Even more delicious when mixed with raw honey. 100% guilt-free goodness.


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Lisa - West Sussex
Quite frankly the best green tea I've ever tasted, the cherry really comes through especially when mixed with the hunny, so so tasty