The Sports Performance Blend - Yerba Mate, Sour Green Apple and Tart Cherry (50g)

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Yerba Mate Infused with Sour Green Apple & Tart Cherry Oil.

With Premium Blue Cornflowers: The pigments are a part of diverse and large class of antioxidants found in plants known as flavonoids. These antioxidants support the body in repairing and maintaining healthy cells.

Drinking mate helps the body to take better advantage of carbohydrates, which increases physical resistance. Mate reduces muscle fatigue by preventing the excessive production of lactic acid, generated as a result of the intense physical activity in high-performance sports.
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Michal - Kowalski

Best tea I've ever tried!

I was sent this to test as a free sample, all I can say is you need to try it to believe it. The best green tea I've ever tasted. You can really taste the sour green apple. 10/10